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Mark Peart – Director

Mark’s passion and skill base lies in recognising opportunities in business and making them commercially viable, with a diverse background in aviation, property development and agriculture.

Mark is an experienced aviator, and the essence of the Archerfield Jet Base proposition presents what he believes is the future of private aviation.

His early career as a commercial helicopter pilot led to launching and operating aviation companies throughout Australia.

Mark’s aviation business management experience has since expanded into the property industry, where he has successfully delivered a number of residential and rural land developments.

Mark is also a Director of Archerfield Jet Base, a Brisbane Fixed Base Operator, providing aircraft storage, passenger and pilot amenities, and support services for private flyers.

With strong ties to the land, Mark founded DIT Technologies based on the legacy work of his father and uncle on water supplementing cattle in Australia. Utilising new technology and innovation, he has since transformed DIT into one of Australia‘s leading Ag technology companies.

In addition to his Australian and FAA Airline Pilot Licences and a Commercial Helicopter Licence, Mark holds a MBA from Deakin University in Melbourne.

His favourite aircraft is any jet that is single pilot and the MD500ER helicopter, and his favourite Australian travel destination is Cairns. His passions are his family, flying and coming to work every day seeing his team engaged and happy.

From Our director

Make Your Own Opportunities

Mark’s aviation career began in helicopter mustering in outback Australia, leading to 25 years in the industry flying both fixed-wing and helicopters, launching and managing a number of aviation companies in that time.

Mark has 21,000 hours of flying experience including:

· 3,000 hours of single pilot jet

· 17,000 hours of helicopter flight

Flying has been a lifetime passion for Mark. He’s had the privilege to fly around the world and have one of the most diverse aviation experiences in Australia’s general aviation community.

Charge Forward

The move into Corporate Aviation

Mark’s interest in corporate aviation began in 2007 when he took a job flying a corporate jet for a client in southern Australia. Since then he has been part of the growth of light corporate jets in Australia.

It was while flying and managing corporate jets that Mark noticed an opportunity to offer a better service proposition to corporate jet owners. He believes that managing aircraft via turn key packages provides value to owners and a longer term strategic business relationship with customers.

Mark understands that corporate aircraft offer huge value to Australian businesses, and that ancillary businesses like Archerfield Jet Base help drive value for aircraft owners.

Providing customers with a full service offer means aircraft owners can focus on their core business, knowing their aircraft requirements are handled by experts in that field, whilst their clients are also receiving the service experience they expect.

Given the special history of the hangar they now occupy, Mark saw an opportunity to create something of significance when creating the Archerfield Jet Base with his business partner Phil Walker. The facility is heritage listed and is the birthplace of Qantas, being the first hangar and operational base they used before leaving for Longreach to establish the iconic brand and business it is today.

The facility was quite run down, but being passionate aviators, Mark and Phil have restored it to ensure this piece of history remains today. Speak to our team to discuss how we can help you and learn more about our services